We believe in the power of an image. We know that a single frame can positively affect human history. However, we also know that an image today is not "worth" what it might have merited in the past. In short, a picture is no longer worth a thousand words.

LSMH pursues images that capture the essence of the human condition with a great sense of care and consideration. We seek authentic experiences when making photos and videos. We admit bias is inherent to this medium and choose to embrace it.

The images displayed represent as much about who and where we are in our walk, as they reference that of our subjects.

We selfishly seek genuine relationships with our subjects, knowing full well that we will be humbled and awe-struck on this journey of enriching our own lives with the stories and experiences of those around us.


Inquiries: email: robert@lavacastreetmedia.com           phone: +19033603249

 - photographer - Robert Peltier